Many types of industrial equipment and processes have been reviewed by Northstar:

  • Solar Panel installations

  • Power Presses

  • Metalworking Machines (Shears, Spinning, Milling, Lathes)

  • Laser & Plasma Cutting

  • Automotive assembly equipment

  • Robotic Systems

  • Cardboard processing equipment

  • Plastic injection molding equipment

  • Packaging equipment

  • Woodworking equipment

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Paint booths

  • Ovens

  • Rubber manufacturing equipment

  • Industrial washing/drying equipment

  • Lifting devices

  • Dust collection systems

  • Racking / Storage devices

  • Material Handling Systems

Northstar Engineering & Technologies Ltd. has developed a customized software auditing tool to make safety reviews more efficient and complete. Risk Assessment facilitation and comprehensive documentation is typically provided with each Pre-Start Review. The resulting Northstar Engineering & Technologies Ltd. audit report will guide you on items required for compliance, rated by severity. Electrical and mechanical issues are separated for ease of communication.